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Meditation - updated edition

Sri Chinmoy

Man-Perfection in God-Satisfaction

Obj. číslo:

The Golden Shore

Aktualizované vydání klasické knihy Sri Chinmoye, v anglickém originále.

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Presented with simplicity and clarity, this book will take you from the beginning stages of concentration and meditation through the advanced practice of contemplation and higher states of consciousness. Sri Chinmoy’s writings belong to the ancient stream of wisdom-teachings that elevate meditation to the sacred and restore its deeper purpose of spiritual awakening and self-knowledge. Topics include: A structured, step-by-step guide to meditation Techniques that anyone can learn Developing your power of concentration How to find – and keep – lasting inner peace The secret power of the heart to calm the busy mind Practical advice for work and life situations Breaking through negative emotions like anger and fear How to unfold your deepest spiritual self Plus special sections where Sri Chinmoy answers over 100 questions on a wide range of experiences often encountered in meditation. These teachings provide a map for the inner journey and a haven in which to find encouragement, instruction, enlightenment and peace. May this volume be an invaluable friend to you in your search for inner peace and spiritual fulfilment.

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počet stran: 304

vazba: vázaná

ISBN: 978-3-89532-275-4

rozměry: 170x215mm

v prodeji od: 1978

rok posledního vydání: 2018


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